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Medieval chivalry


In this practical work I will study a character of the medieval time "the gentleman." I will analyze it of several such aspects as their form of being, their ideals, their social context, their armor, their armament, their fidelity and their faith. The gentleman was a very noble being and of great heart. They will also be several drawings of the armaments and of the gentlemen of that time.

"The Gentleman"


The gentleman was a warrior to horse of the medieval Europe

that it served the king or another feudal gentleman as habitual compensation for the holding of an earth parcel, although also for money or I eat mercenary troop. The gentleman was in general a man of noble cradle that, having served as page and squire, era then ceremonially ascended by his superiors to gentleman's range. During the ceremony the applicant used to lend oath of being valiant, loyal and courteous, as well as to protect to the defenseless ones.


The value doesn't mean to be stupid arrogant, but having will of making the correct thing. These characters had a great value, able to fight with great anger against superior beings that maintained people of the panicky towns.

In the taking of Valencia Pedro Bermúdez, Alvarez Fañez and Muñoz Guztos fights heroically against a much bigger army that them.

The gentlemen were able to face people with more ability to fight, without measuring consequences; As they make it against the León that had escaped and that it was to attack the daughters of Cid.

The Cid always before a battle, it commended it to God and he/she knew that of Him the luck of the success depended.

The Cid always attributed the success from the battles to the anger of its soldiers and it distributed the won wealth proportionally.

The Cid well could have killed those of Carrión but he/she preferred that a trial is made and that you hurts exactly.

The Cid well Alfonso could have fought against the king and to defeat it, but he was he faithful and it completed his exile ranks


The gentlemen also possessed unyielding commandments:

  1. To believe in all that the church teaches and to observe all its commandments.
  2. To protect to the church.
  3. You will have respect for their weaknesses, you will defend them.
  4. You loved the country in that you were born
  5. You won't go back before the enemy
  6. You will make the infidels a war without barracks.
  7. You will complete your feudal duties if it doesn't contradict the law of God.
  8. Non lies and you will be faithful to your word.
  9. You will be generous.
  10. You will maintain the well bad in front of the injustice and the.

Times of the chivalry.


This was the time of maximum expression, the Christendom it was the end and the man's object.

He/she took place in the XII centuries and principles of the XIII one. The chivalry was characterized to be virile, austere and conqueror.

This was the time in that the Cid lived.


He/she took place in the centuries at the end of the XIII one. It begins to decline the chivalry. In this time they register poems, jugglers and stories on the chivalry. The gentleman changes the war for the loving passions with the women.


The sacred wars lose the sense and the peace makes them sedentary and of they dedicate to the leisure. The inscription also opens up to the chivalry to all the youths, worthy or nr.

But mainly the religious spirit no longer possessed its soul.

The work of "Don Cuisse of the Stain" it is an important example that demonstrates the decadence of the chivalry. It was such the decadence that until they made fun of them.

The weapons.


Weapons of the personnel:

Place weapons


The gentlemen were people that almost dedicated the entirety from their life to the search of the truth and the justice for the medieval town. They were guided by ideals and worthy securities of imitating, such as their value and generosity.

They fought for their kings and for the Church, without fear to the enemy that you/they faced with great bravery. They went in search of big adventures

They were also humble people that didn't show their powers and wealth, but rather it used them, for the well of the other ones.

The gentlemen possessed an unyielding faith in God that he/she helped them and it guided for the roads and adventures that made.

After the time of decadence, it still continued there being people with noble attitudes that lowly were distinguished of the mass. Today is day the chivalry it is only a quality of very few, it is necessary that every day we are kinder and more generous with our siblings.