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The jazmíneses
Cándida virgin, modest and tender,
In their black pupils he/she smiled,
As veiled internal irradiation
Of innocence, of love and of poetry.

The black hair crowned
Their slender figure of ideal beauty:
The first time that I saw it, it took
Blanco jasmine fastened in the head.

He/she always took a bath an ignition ray
Of pink mother-of-pearl their pure cheek,
Rosa herself of florid May
In all the splendor of the beauty.

Me, almost boy still, I loved her sincere
With the illusion of vestal affection,
With the fondness of the first love
And the fright and the boy's shyness.

The alive ardor of my loving one calls
Never my lip to reveal him could,
That it is weak always the heart that he/she loves
And my own fear was its shield.

With the briefest and simple sentences
I wanted to speak to him a hundred times the language
Of the passion, kissing of knees
The vaporous line of their suit;

And a hundred times I remained silent, because he/she feared
To add their contempt to my torture,
And when thinking it, my being fainted
Without hope, neither value, neither I encourage.

Tired, finally, of so cruel torture,
escribíle a perfumed note
in that, after speaking of my fondness,
he/she requested him to tell me if it was loved.

And I added it, with trembling hand:
--- "I will see you an afternoon, and if tuvieres
position a jasmine in your beautiful head
it will be happy sign that you love me!.---

Oh, love! With what devouring anxiety
I saw approach the one yearned late!
it was eternal century for me every hour,
without life almost the cowardly heart!...

But, oh happy sign! Human happiness,
when arriving from the street to the confines.
I saw it that he/she waited for me in their window
The clotted head of jasmines!

It tinted their complexion which he/she calls purpurin
That prompt reaction exchanged in sonrojos
And of the chastity with the divine expression
When looking at me to advance, it lowered the eyes

Oh, love! Oh, sweet felt aspiration
that you unite the souls and the life you believe,
first and last charm of the life,
love, oh sacred love, saint is!