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The telekinesis is the ability or mental power in which objects can move or to bend them (only to mention some of the things that can be made) without physical contact, only with the energy of the mind. One of the most important things to know is that yes it is possible and that everybody has the potential to use the telekinesis.
This ability is totally natural and those that use it are not "mutants" or people "you miss." It is a psychic phenomenon of the mind and it is an art to which it is necessary to provide him time, practice and patience to be able to control it.
We will begin with a simple exercise. Choose a small object as a ring, screen or a pencil, find a place in which you/they can be relaxed and to concentrate without nobody perturbs them. First, clean their mind of all thought and focus you completely in the object. When he/she sits down that it is prepared, build a "tunnel" between the object and you (this visualization will help him to only concentrate on the object, not in the distractions that are "outside of the tunnel."
Now, imagine in their mind that their hands push and they move to the object using the "human magnetism." When he/she sits down the push, he/she will make sounds in their head that he/she believes or make the illusion of the magnetic layer (nnnn..... nnnn..... nnnn.....). Don't think that the vá to move but it acts and move it. Don't hope this exercise works the first time because it is needed of a lot of practice to dominate the telekinesis.
Find an utensil anyone like a tablespoon, key or fork and again go to a calm place. Hold the utensil in a hand or in both, in the way as you wants and he/she makes it feel more comfortable. Feel and relax you completely, empty their mind of all the thoughts and remember to be focused.
With the eyes closed comienze to knead with the tip of the fingers the surface of the object. Sit down it, don't think that it feels it, he/she sits down as the surface he/she feels in their fingers. Enter in the flow of the atoms, the molecules and the energy. Maybe this will take some how many practical but later you will achieve "to feel" the energy. In the exact moment in that sits down it, the object and you will be "united" for the energy. Only bend it! If you make it correctly, he/she will bend.
Remember, never apply physical force on the object! You are not there to bend it with your body because that it is not the point of the exercise.