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The birth and the death have always been reason of speculations and theories to obtain their explanation. Not all agree with their respective ideals and opinions but each one lives in their own reality. For the followers of the reincarnation, the soul is called to the salvation, but I didn't seize the body, of which it is necessary to come undone in successive reincarnations until achieving the "nirvana" that is the despojamiento in all corporal way.
The reincarnation plays an important part in the oriental religions, particularly in those that originated in the India, as the Hinduism, the jainismo, Buddhism and the sajismo. The Hindu from the India believe, for example that the life is a continuous cycle of to die and to reborn.
However, in the last times, the idea of the reincarnation has ended up attracting many Westerners, included a good number of young. Great part of this interest owes herself, according to a columnist of the Canadian newspaper Sunday Star, "to the impact of the oriental religious ideas in the western society that began to be allowed to feel in the decade of the 60.'
Another reason of the interest that sucita the reincarnation is that, certain celebrities, they have expressed in public its serious conviction that an or more last lives have lived. Also, the radio and the television, certain magazines and other means of information, the same as diverse professionals, as doctors and professors, they have been interested in the reincarnation. All this has wakened up a lot of curiosity. With the result that, according to some polls, approximately a fourth part of the population from Canada and United States admits that, it accepts until certain grade, the idea of the reincarnation.
The reincarnation is a he/she devises wiccana and one of the most important beliefs in our religion. We accept the factor that we are born, we die and we reborn in another body again. One of the theories of this speculation is that in each reincarnation we learn a new lesson and after the enough reincarnations we reach a grade of perfection where we unite to the Wheel and we stop to reincarnate.