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The hypnosis, against what thinks the great majority, doesn't have anything to do with the magic or superstition. Although it is certain that the mechanisms that produce it are not understood completely and with the result that there are so many theories in this respect; it is also certain that it is a scientific method, since it can be reproduced thousands of times in laboratory, and therefore studied experimentally.

There are many techniques to induce the hypnosis, some better ones that the other ones: there are them quick, authoritarian, indirect, permissive, with mechanical, electronic instruments, etc... but they vary since from an operator to another each that one adapts them to their necessities and their form of being.
The two methods that I will expose don't have to follow them literal; it is more, if it adapts them to itself he/she will obtain better results.

To carry out this method correctly, the person should sit down comfortably in an armchair of high back, so that you/he/she can place the lightly inclined head back and without I/you/he/she suffers nuisances in the neck. Once have made comfortable, a their index finger and thumb and locate them above the level of the eyes of the subject to some 30 centimeters of the face.
Verbalization: "Center all their look in my fingers. Center all their look in my fingers. Center all their attention in my fingers. Look at the center of my fingers intensely. Look at the center of my fingers intensely. Continue looking at the center of my fingers intensely"....
When he/she observes that the fellow begins to blink because the lids are tiring he can tell him: "Their lids begin to get tired. They are more and more tired and heavy, but he/she should not close them. Continue looking at my fingers intensely. Continue centering all their attention in the center of my fingers. Concentrate all their attention on the center of my fingers. Now their lids are truly tired, very tired and heavy, very tired and heavy. They close strongly and you enter in a very pleasant dream. I dream pleasant."
If he/she notices that the fellow finds difficult to feel fatigue in the lids, it can prolong the first part of the induction. He/she should keep in mind that between suggestions and suggestions he/she has to insert small pauses.

Place a hand on the person's forehead that he/she sleeps and begin to give them you suggest of this type in low voice: "Now you are sleeping and you will continue sleeping but you will listen all that I tell you. Even this way in any moment you will wake up." These suggestions should be whispered then you coje the danger of waking up the person.
To know if these suggestions are successful, one can make the test him to agree with the head if he/she understands what is saying that lifts the hand or that it indicates with any sign that he/she is listening. If he/she responds positively, you will be able to increase the voice tone, which will go ascending gradually until the normality. Once have arrived to this point the most diverse suggestions they can be imparted.

He/she looks at The following image later per minutes you will feel it confused and you will be low my power, jajaja