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The lover
This fire mania of living
This secret whim of living
Alejandra crawls you don't deny it

Today you looked at yourself in the mirror
And it was you sad you were alone
The light roared the air he/she sang
But your lover didn't return

You will send messages you will smile
You will flutter your hands it will return this way
Your lover so dear

The insane siren that stole it hear
The ship with beards of foam
Where the laughs died
You remember the last hug
Oh anything of anguishes
He/she laughs in the handkerchief he/she cries to laughter
But he/she closes the doors of your face
So that they don't say then
That that in love woman was you

You remuerden the days
They accuse you the nights
It hurts you so much so much the life
Desperate where you go?
Desperate anything but!