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The Ghosts

A ghost is basically an energy that periodically makes his well-known presence for several manifestations. They typically remain in the same area, not that they are territorial, but they prefer to be in places where they feel more comfortable or that their surroundings are family.
Most of the ghosts are beings that have been together to the terrestrial plane. They are confused because they don't understand that they have crossed to the spiritual or astral plane. But a ghost can also be together to the earthly plane for people or other beings that don't stop to think or to speak of the died soul. In these few cases, the ghost of the one who continually is remembered here of their presence in the terrestrial plane and them they also want to stay, maybe because they didn't want to leave in that moment or perhaps because they are very concerned for dear people that will leave behind.
During the whole history, in all the countries of the World, the histories of ghosts or spectra have been very abundant. Alone many times are people's holographic images that were impregnated with their essence. Many investigators have been able to create technological means to be contacted with them, by means of the psicofonías and psicoimágenes, which are captured by radio teams or television. The spirits of people that you/they have not found rest....

Yes, but in fact it is a game in the words. A spirit is alone a soul that has died and it is aware of it. They are not together to the earth, and neither they are connected to a place or place in specific.
If you are the sufficiently fortunate thing as to be a ghost or a spirit, you can say the difference. The appearance of a ghost will be seen from the head until the feet with some density in its being. An alone spirit will be seen of head until the torso and he/she goes to appear a little more brilliant and less denser.
This is due to that the chakras is the manifestation of the soul in form physics. The chakras of up they are always referred as the chakras of the soul because these energy centers are constant of life in life. The chakras of below the physical centers are called because they are new vortexes of energy with each reincarnation that a person has. In other words, the chakras of up they go with you of life in life and the chakras of below they are recreated alone for that life in the one that is in shape physics.
When a soul dies or it dies, a spirit will liberate the chakras centers of below and it will pass of the terrestrial plane. Moving toward the spiritual plane, the spirit will take new roads for those that are still in the earthly plane. When they are appeared to us, we see to their spirit through the energy of their chakras of the soul and them they become visible of head until the torso only.
Anyway, those few souls that you/they don't want to continue and they are blocked here, they are together to their physical centers or first floor. For that reason, they are appeared through all their energy centers and they become visible of the head to the feet.