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He/she chose before bedtime to the amda
() To be chained in your arms is to be free,
There where my hand settles it is my stamp.
Your complete nakedness is all the happiness.
As the souls they go naked, the bodies should go this way
To enjoy a full happiness.
The decorations in a woman
They are as the spheres of Atlanta that you/they deceive the look.
When a jewel enceguece the eye of a fool
Their soul covets the stone or the metal, not the woman.
As illustrations, or showy covers of books
For legos they are the women that are adorned,
They are only suspected those that we know how to read them.

I want to know you, show you,
I know generous as when giving to light.
Here there are not pain neither innocence.
I have allowed to fall my clothes, follow me,
What mantel can it cover more than my body?