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The Aura
The aura is an energy field that surrounds all the alive beings. Each color represents a different aspect or the person's quality or thing. To read auras can help or being of utility to determine if it should be confronted a person in a certain moment that you can make to improve your current condition, to know like it is the atmosphere to your surroundings, etc. whenever you have contact with somebody, their aura reacts to that of that person. If the frequency of its aura is compatible with that of him or her, you will adapt to that person quickly and it will be attracted them. If that it is not the case, you will feel displeasure for that person and he won't like.
Everything has an aura. We have been "trained" for not seeing it, but with some practice many people can learn how to see them and to read them. At the beginning maybe he/she has a difficult time to be able to see the colors of the aura. Most of the times, the beginners or beginners will see pale colors as the yellow and the target. When the time lapses and, with practice, he/she will realize that the colors you more brilliant tornan for you and easier of reading. Some patience will guide him for the road toward the victory.
Before anything else, to find a locus in quo is not surrounded of any type of rough light; you shine soft they are better to read the aura. He/she will also need a piece of paper white color the sufficiently big thing to put all their hand in him. To put their hand in the paper and to relax their eyes completely. Don't look fixedly to their hand, better he/she looks to the areas of the tip of the fingers and their fingers.
After a time, if the sufficiently relaxed thing is, he/she will begin to see a "fog" around their hand. If he/she looks at the enough time, he/she will begin to see colors. The beginners are usually able to only see a color, but to the measure that improves he/she will be able to see at the same time more than a color.
Don't surrender if the first times non vé anything. He/she takes practice to become a good one "leedor of auras", and after a time he/she will realize that it was not as difficult as you he/she thought that it would be. He/she will also want to take objects that don't have life like the rocks, to try to see their auras. This can be a very good practice for you.

--Red: the color of the force, powerful passion and the desire. The red one dark it can symbolize one that has a strong temperament and it is nervous or impulsive. All the red ones are related with nervous tendencies.

--Orange: the color of the creativity, cordiality and of the consideration. The orange one with gilding represents control of oneself.

--Yellow: the color of the mental activity and the optimism. Maybe mean new learning opportunities and of wisdom. A yellow with gilding means that the person has importance for him or her same. A red yellow can say that its owner is shy.

--Green: the color of the sympathy and the calm. A person that has green in their aura it can be good my for the arts healers and it is very reliable. A dark green can show that it is jealous or insecure.

--Blue: the color of the calm and the silence. Any blue in the aura is good, but the dark blue is the best. A person with blue dark in their aura it shows that he or she found their ideal work in the life. The blue sometimes represents tendency to be depressive or moody.

--Indigo and Violeta: the colors of somebody that is looking for something in the life. They represent the ability to manage matters practically. If they are dark, it represents that that person has obstacles and her not well interpreted feelings.

--Black: the color of the protection. I could reflect a person that is hiding something. It can also indicate that it is not balanced

--Rosa: the color of the love. it represents the compassion and possibly love to the art and the beauty. Dark Rosa can represent that the person is immature.

--Blanco: many times, this it is the first color that you are able to see in the aura. Anyway, when it is a true and strong color of the aura, reflective purity and true.

--Brown: this can reflect that the person is lover of the Earth and that you/he/she is stabilizing new roots.

--Luz of Silver or Gleams: to see these in the aura of a person can mean that it is pregnant or, it was already or it will be. Anyway, it is not always this way. He/she can also say that that person is accepting a great creativity in her life.

--Black pieces: the presence of black pieces in the aura can indicate that it is not balanced in some areas. This means that the person has bad habits that he or she should work. The meditation helps to reduce these pieces, the same as the exercise and the solar light.

These are some of the colors but not all those that he/she can have an aura