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The Antichrist

The denomination of "antichrist" it is used in the Sacred Writings with a double meaning. In a wide sense, he/she refers to Christ's enemy (the prefix "anti" it means contrary) and in a strict sense, that denomination points out to a certain person, the "antichrist" who directs all its efforts to the eradication of the faith in Christ. This personal antichrist's appearance on the world sand will be the last and decisive sign of the approach of the second coming of Christ.
What will it favor the antichrist's success, and in that the secret of its enormous one will reside to be able to and does it influence? It is evident that the antichrist will be the remarkable spokesman of his material time and atheist. Also, its arrival to the power will be promoted by certain external factors. Probably, in their time the humanity will be threatened by a nuclear and biological world war or for a crisis political and economic univesal. The governments will be on the edge of the collapse, and the nations will live in din state and revolution. Then, on the cloudy waves of the world tempest, a leader will arise "brilliant" as the only one that can save the humanity's humanity. It will be supported by a powerful organization interested in the world domain. With their support, the antichrist will be presented with his program of socio-economic reformations that you/they will be sustained obstinately and spread by the massive means of information.

Apocalypse 13 say that the antichrist's partner, the false prophet, will make the antichrist's image ("the beast") so that the world adores her. We are said that the false prophet will have to be able to for "to infuse encouragement to the image of the beast, so that the image speaks and makes kill everybody who doesn't adore him" (v.15). Imagine a prophet of the first century trying to describe "an image that charges life." For him he/she would not make sense; however, he/she wrote it.

When describing the empire that would govern the world in the last days, the prophet Daniel he/she says that it will be compound "partly of iron and partly of mud" (Daniel 2.41-42). The iron of a nation one can see in their armed forces; for example, the Curtain of Iron or the Puño of Iron of Rome. However, the reference of the mud is also interesting. In the whole Bible the mud is the man's symbol (Isaías 45.9; 64.8). For a lot of time, the specialists of the Bible have interpreted this Kingdom of mud as a "I reign of the town." At the moment, a world that feared that the communism razed the occident, realizes that the democracy ("of the town, for the town and for the town") it is sweeping the east. While the two systems adapt to be hugged to each other, like it is the case of Oriental Europe, perhaps we begin to see the preliminary stages of a made empire "partly of iron and partly of mud."