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Half age

During the half age, the belief in that the witches flew in brooms gave place to a curious superstition. It was believed that to protect the homes of the night incursion of these powerful witchdoctors, mainly, thanks to their pact with Satan should be placed brooms next to the eyes of the locks, so when entering the witch it was fascinated and it spent the time in counting the straws of the broom and not in harming.

Be as fuere, the witch's image flying in their broom ancestros has arrived days, although already deprived of malignancy, for what can be seen, mainly, in the party of Halloween... that witches' sabbath to the modern one. Starting from the half age, the devil's figure became a real and full enemy of resources whose to be able to and wickedness was responsible for any against time, from a true disaster until the most insignificant nuisances.

As God, his opponent, the devil was interested in all the men, without distinction, in person or by means of his legions, it modified the course of the human matters. The belief in the demon is not a characteristic of the town, ignorant and superstitious. Martin Lutero, reformer religious German, in the middle of Rebirth, relates with detail his painful battles against the demons that tried to distract it. For him and their contemporaries, the demon's bigger threat was its insatiable appetite to take possession of the souls of the men. The descriptions of their aspects and the stories of the experiences d a lot of people is so numerous that hundred of books would be needed to register them.

The wicked one reincarnates in a black dog that can pull up the head of a man effortlessly or to roast it with their encouragement; it tempts to the compassionate ones and it borders to the desperate ones to sign with the a sinister pact in the one that this in game the soul. It is said that not alone it favors with big powers to the witches, but rather it endowed with astonishing talents to artists like the violinist and composer Niccolo Paganini whose nonpareil dexterity, their dissipated behavior and their pale and haggard semblance could not have another explanation that a satanic pact.

To honor Satan, their followers celebrate the Sabbath, or witches' sabbath, a dedicated ceremony to the demon in the one which this, in other infernal beings' company, they reaffirm their power in the earth. A lot but modern they are the black masses and the diabolical sects, of those which the Californian Antonio the Vey is initiator and one of their but you celebrate representatives. According to Doreen Brave, author of diverse studies whose main topic is the witchcraft, “the black mass is not part of it authenticates it witchcraft for that this he/she has its own traditions and rites.

He authenticates sorcerer it is pagan, and the old horned God of the witches is much older that the Christianity and anything has to do with Satan, the Christian devil.” Allies and favorite of Satan (science) That the man looks for an external justification to his distresses and stocks of moral doubtful it is not new neither I miss. Contrary to Martin's firm will Lutero, it is known the anecdote of a monk that he/she affirmed that the demons made him feel sleepy and I make sick after eating in excess; this way, it could attribute their greed to a supernatural cause instead of assuming their responsibility.

It is also common that some criminals take advantage of the myths or superstitions of their community to make crimes to those that add a sinister touch that can be identified as print of the presence of the wicked one and this way to take away from their person any suspicion. These explanations are also useful to diminish people's merits. In the supposition pact of Paganini with Satan intervened not alone it is factor to discredit him, if not also to the artist's indifferent attitude toward the gossips. He/she maybe thought that he/she added this way of mystery that would make it but attractiveness.

However already almost to die, the same one you toils in denying the supposition infernal vinculo. This way, those that once said that their talent was diabolical later they were convinced that it was celestial. In connection with the satanic celebrations it should be considered that the participants in the witches' sabbaths or Sabbaths went disguised and under the influence of certain drugs, that which explained that some ingenious humans were made go by the same demon and this way to obtain the favors of the group that there met.

The call black mass is not another thing that an occult ceremony that invests or it parodies the rite of the Catholic mass: black gears instead of white, marked sentences the other way around, blasphemies, animal blood instead of wine, Satan instead of God. Rossell Hope Robbins, author of a witchcraft encyclopedia and demonología, consider that for touching that are the stories of black masses, they should be discarded as inventions without foundations. The black mass as something historically real it is one of the biggest frauds intellectual taxes to the I publish layman.

The fever that these cults have originated in the XX century owes herself, mainly, to advertising strategies as well as to the demon of the show that satanistas like The Vey and Charles possess Manson. An example of these impostures happened in France in 1672. Madame Of Montespan, the king's lover XIV Luis, felt to lose the king's interest because there was already him dado7 children besides that she almost weighed 90kg. To take it away from the arms of other courtiers, the Montespan requested help to Catherine Deshyanes Monvoisin.

This woman non single famous era to have practiced one 2500 abortions, if not to be expert in poisons. Some of their accomplices, the father Guibourg, merciless individual 67 years old, several children's father, concocted the plan that would reconcile to the king with his lover. Their mass included the sacrifice of a newly born one and invocations to the demons Astarot that the will of the rulers, and Asmodeo gives in that exterminates annoying people. However, the objective of this whole paraphernalia single era to improve the lost self-esteem of madame Of Montespan, but that to produce a supernatural effect in the King.