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Nap song
ALTHOUGH your wicked brows
Give you a strange air,
Anything angelic by the way,
Witch of eyes insinuantes,

I adore you, frivolous oh mine,
Oh my terrible passion!
As the priest to the idol,
With intimate devotion.

Aroman your rude braids
The floresta and the desert;
Your front the attitude keeps
Of the enigma and of the secret.

As around a censer,
Your meat the perfume is about;
You charm as the night,
Burning and dark nymph.

ah, doesn't equal your laziness
neither the most violent filters!
You know the caress
that he/she makes revive the deads!

Your hips fall in love
Of your breast and your backs,
And with languid postures,
The cushions love.

Sometimes, to calm down
Your mysterious madness,
With graveness you lavish me
The kiss and the bite.

You hurt me, my moraine,
With a jeer laugh,
And in my heart later
You pose a to look of moon.

Under satin chapín,
Under of your foot sedeño,
I put all my happiness,
And my destination, and my genius.
My soul for you cured,
for you, color and my light
explosion of heat
in my somber Liberia!