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The Triangle of the Bermuda shorts

a dangerous area and of mystery, since the disappearances of sailors, pilots and tourists have never been resolved.
The elements of information around this area are intriguing: in a part of the ocean western Atlantic, in way more or less triangular, understood among the Bermuda shorts, Florida and the meridian 40, they have come disappearing during the last thirty years numerous airplanes and ships without leaving any rake since never of what could belong to them, they have been remains neither surviving.
All that that at some time entered there, he/she never saw again. From ships and ships that navigated for that area; airplanes to those which you them vió to enter to a fog to vanish without leaving indication.

During the whole history, they have had reports of disappearances in the Triangle of the Bermuda shorts. The strange part is that they have never had remains in the sea; if it had been a shipwreck, the search teams would have found parts of the ship like lifeboat, remains of the ship, rafts or at least a stain of oil in the water. Anything has never been gotten of that in their searches.
The messages of some airplanes, before their disappearance, didn't give some indication of abnormality; indeed, in a given moment everything was going normal and to the following minute, everything had disappeared without the smallest warning.
The number of disappearances without discovery is totally impressive and terrifying. The most mysterious thing is that they could not happen for a hurricane or hurricane because most of the disappearances were given in good time.
According to the stories of the days of the sailing to candle, the Bermuda shorts and the area more to the south were certainly reviled during hundred of years by the disappearance of ships whose luck passed to fill the long list of ships misled in the ocean, disappearances habitually attributed to piracy, tempests or civil strife. Only in the XIX century, and especially in the XX century, with the improvement of the communications and of the registrations of ships, you began to think that there was something captivating inquietantemente in so high sum of losses, especially the absence of surviving, of remains or when the radio communication you generalized, of indications regarding what was happening or it had happened with the missing ships. Besides, good number of so mysterious disappearances only affected to the passengers and tripulantes; apart from this, the abandoned ships seemed to be perfectly in order, with their newspapers on board, throw away lifeboat, shipment and, even, belongings in its place.
The Triangle of the Bermuda shorts simpre will be an unexplained source of fear and a mysterious enigma without explanation. But if the ships, airplanes and didn't ships disappear because of natural phenomena, what did it happen them? To dóde the tripulantes did disappear? What did it pass with the remains of the ship or the airplane? But more important, where are they?