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Love AND death
Siblings at the same time creó the luck
to the love and the Death.
Other things so beautiful
in the world there won't be neither in the stars.
The goods are born of that,
The biggest pleasures
that in the sea of the life the man finds;
and all the pains,
all wrong erases her.

Beautiful maiden,
of candy to see, I don't eat
cowardly people imagine it,
to the tender love him ago
frequent company,
and the mortal road together travels
and to all wise heart they alleviate.
There is not wiser heart
that the wounded of love, neither that the life
unfortunate more he/she rejects,
neither that for another owner
as for this dangers look for;
where your flame fastens,
love, the encouragement is born
or he/she wakes up; and your knowledge opens up,
no, like it is accustomed to, in vain thought,
it shows the human lineage.

When burningly
he/she is born inside the soul
a loving affection,
together with him a mysterious one
languid yearning of dying feels;
how, I don't know; but this is the first one
sign of true potent love.
Maybe at sight then
it frightens this desert; maybe wait
the human that must find uninhabitable
the earth without that
new, alone, infinite
happiness that their to think figure;
but foreseeing the heart for her
terrible tempest, still desires
and I give refuge it feels like,
before the fierce desire
that in lathe it roars and all it darkens it.

When it wraps everything
the formidable force
and it fulminates in the soul constant desire,
How many times he/she implores you
with intense desire,
oh sweet death, the aching one to love you!
How many times, oh, how many at night
or to the dawn giving way fatigued
he/she judged great happiness that he/she never could
to wake up of their dream
neither to see the bitter light again!
And to the they are sometimes sad it shears,
of the song that drives
to those that die to the eternal forgetfulness,
with burning sighs
of the intimate of the chest he/she envies he/she had
of that that I go down earth to inhabit he/she went.
Until the rough populace,
the peasant that ignores
all virtue that derives of the knowledge,
until the shy youth and it avoids,
that of the death to the name
it felt their hair to be bristled,
they already contemplate the tomb and the shroud
with a to look of strength I fill,
and in iron and in poison
they meditate largely,
and even in their uninformed mind
the gracefulness of dying comprenden.Tanto to the death oak
of love the discipline. And it is frequent
that the tender passion arrives to such a point
that the vital force is not sustained,
and silk the fragile body
to the terrible fight, and of this luck
for fraternal to be able to it triumphs the death,
or so much instigates love in the deep thing
of the heart that the rough peasant
and the tender maiden
their juvenile meat gives to the earth.
He/she laughs the world then,
to the one that the sky age and peace consents.
to the fervent one, to the blissful one,

to the brave genius
grant the fate some of you,
sweet owners, friends
of the human lineage,
whose to be able to is not anything that he/she leads
in the world, because only the power
of the fate it is superior to your essence.
And you, to the one who already from my green years
honoring always invokes,
beautiful death, compassionate
only you of terrestrial affliction,
if celebrated you were
at some time for my, if of the mean person
masse the offense to your divine splendor
to amend one day wanted,
don't take more, my requests
vehement he/she listens,
he/she closes my sad eyes
forever to the light, reign of the time!
You will find me certainly, at any hour
in that your wings toward my unfoldings,
lifted the forehead, prepared,
resisting to the destination;
the hand that is colored when hurting me
with my innocent blood
I must fill of praises
neither to bless which ago
for old baseness human people;
all vain hope in that you/they are deceived
as children the men,
all fool comfort
I will discard, and to anybody in time some,
oh death, I must await but to you alone;
the day I will only wait watchman
in that reclines numb the face
in your virgíneo breast.